Andy Burger

aburgerMr. Burger is Vice President of Information Services as well as having responsibility for the Corporate Compliance function for Prolong Pharmaceuticals. Andy brings over 30 years of executive managerial, operational & technical experience and regulatory agency oversight.  A vast career with demonstrated successes in architecting and implementing diverse global business solutions, Information Services team building and management, enterprise architecture, data center build and operational services, disaster and business contingency planning, budgetary and staffing oversight, global project management efforts, and qualification/validation process methodology.

Formerly, Andy was General Manager- Technology Development for Verizon Wireless and Chief Systems Architect for Omnipoint/t-Mobile.  He has held executive titles including Chief Information Officer for various Pharmaceutical organizations and is a seasoned Information Services executive and technologist with extensive experience in engaging with governmental regulated agencies; the FDA, HHS-HIPAA, FCC, FTC, and the SEC.