Headquartered in South Plainfield, New Jersey, Prolong Pharmaceuticals, LLC, is developing products to treat anemias, cancers and their debilitating comorbidities.  A portfolio of hematology and oncology products is in development.

  • The company’s lead product, SANGUINATE™, is in clinical testing, focused on treating the comorbidities of sickle cell disease and other disorders caused by anemia or hypoxia/ischemia
  • EPEG® is a long-acting 3rd generation biologic in clinical development for the treatment of anemia, a comorbidity common with chronic kidney disease and cancer chemotherapy
  • Other products are in development for comorbidities that result from cancer



Originally established in 2005 as a research lab, Prolong has emerged as a mature privately held biotech company. Led by a team of successful pharmaceutical executives, Prolong has multiple clinical development programs and large scale cGMP manufacturing facilities in production.


The Prolong leadership has led and been associated with a number of successful pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The team includes inventors of the most successful drug delivery technology in pharmaceutical history, PEGylation, now responsible for more than $30 billion in drug sales worldwide.

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