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SANGUINATE™, currently in clinical testing, is an investigational bio-pharmaceutical product that facilitates the transfer of oxygen to oxygen-deprived cells and tissues focusing on treating the comorbidities of sickle cell disease and other disorders caused by anemia or hypoxia/ischemia.

SANGUINATE is the only biological product currently in clinical development for the multiple comorbidities of SCD, and recently received an Orphan Drug Designation from the U.S. FDA. Many of the comorbidities of SCD are caused by a spiraling cycle of sickling, hemolysis and blood vessel inflammation.  These comorbidities include vaso-occlusive crisis, acute chest syndrome, leg ulcers and pediatric and adult stroke.  By correcting oxygen levels and down-regulating inflammation, SANGUINATE has the promise of effectively treating many of the debilitating, acute comorbidities associated with Sickle Cell Disease.

Phase I studies in healthy volunteers and stable SCD patients have been completed.  SANGUINATE is now in a Phase II study for the treatment of  vaso-occlusive crisis and in clinical trials for severe life-threatening anemia in patients for whom blood transfusion is not an option. 

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